Prior to working with Alan we were struggling to stay on top of collection calls. As a smaller company, it is difficult to allocate personnel time to making hours of phone calls, but also difficult to bring in a full time employee to handle collections. Alan allowed us to outsource our collections and truly enforce our standard payment terms.

Our principal concern was in irritating long term clients with the collection process, but Alan's firm and fair approach allowed us to avoid negative feedback from our customers.

After working with Alan for a year, we have noticed a significantly positive change in cash flow.

Customers are becoming more accustomed to the idea of paying within the agreed upon terms and have realized that the full collection process (from phone calls, e-mails, letters and other tactics) will be used in a faster and more consistent time frame than in the past.

We would recommend Alan Kula for any business that is looking to improve cash flow and collections without the added expense of hiring a full time collection specialist.
- Walter Ruigrok, President,  ADR Bulbs, Chester, NY

In the 18 months I served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wainscot Media, I had the privilege of working with one truly competent man--Alan Kula.

Alan stands out from any and all of the AR Collections professionals I have ever worked with.

Why? He is pleasantly persistent and detail oriented. He establishes a relationship with the client ( a difficult thing to do when they owe money) and he has a tremendous batting average.

Alan is a winner and a man of great character, integrity and professionalism. I recommend him to any and all companies or individuals who are looking for the best.
- Joel Ehrlich, President, The Harmony Group, LLC

One of the least favorite facets of my business is accounts receivable. The collection process naturally creates an adversarial situation between the client and my company. The difficult task of recouping outstanding debt in today’s economic times is a very valuable role that your company does so well. You aid in collecting the outstanding monies owed while we are free to do what we do best – sell advertising.
- John Higgins, President, Zone Publishing, Vernon, NJ

Outsourcing offers a variety of benefits, including

  • Improves your cash flow and strengthens your bottom line
  • Allows you more time to concentrate on the tasks you value most
Why Outsource Your AR?


Why Outsource Your AR?


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